Harriet Rosebud

A different kind of hat

The motivation to create wearable art came from Harriet Rosebud’s interest at a very early age in the shapes and colors found in even the tiniest of things like the design of a butterfly’s wings.

She was inspired by what she discovered and hats became her canvas to reflect that love of shapes and textures.

Originally from St.Petersburg, FL Harriet Rosebud earned a BS in Political Science from Florida State University, but her creative side needed to find its own path. She returned to school, attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and studied Millinery Arts for two years.

After a stint at one of New York’s largest hat factories, she decided to follow her heart and developed her own business called “Rosebud of New York”.

Combining her knowledge of political science and millinery, Harriet has composed and taught seminars on “The power of the hat, our African American journey in crowns”.

Now residing in the historic Sugar Hill district in Harlem, New York City, Harriet Rosebud continues to create hats which are part of her culture and are also extensions of herself, recognized by their bold colors, with the open pleated hat as her signature style.

Rosebud’s work can be found in over 200 stores across the country, Rosebud miniature hats can be found in fine art galleries and gift stores, including most military bases worldwide.

We are thankful to have Harriet here at American Hats LLC!