Hats and Chat is our weekly live hat auction and Q & A session. It is an event that you’ll find prices on “one of a kind” items, slashed up to 50% off. Hosted by Founder & Co-Owner of American Hats LLC, Rev. Georgiette Morgan-Thomas, “Hats & Chat” is an event where attendees can feel free to ask questions about hat making, hat wearing, styling, business, or any particular item that they’d like to eventually bid on. It started as a means to battle through the loss of business due to COVID-19. “Hats & Chat” has transitioned into a forum of community and caring. We discuss the topics of style and fashion but we are a forum that cares about the lifestyles and personal wellbeing of all individuals during trying times. Attendees receive all of that while being afforded an opportunity to save lots of money on great hats! IT’S A WIN WIN!!

To check out past “Hats & Chat” videos, click on the picture or link below.