The Designers

Tim Crawford

Tim Crawford, known to many as the “Mad Hatter,” has been designing hats for more than 18 years. His unique, one-of-a-kind creations have been the crowning glory for such entertainers as Phyllis Hyman and have been shown on runways across the country.

Tim credits two major influences which sparked his interest in millinery design. The first being his mother, a seamstress, who taught him the basics of hat construction. The second, the Church he attended as a youth. He was constantly fascinated with the wide variety of hats worn by the female members. With no formal training, Tim managed to generate an excitement with his designs unequaled by any other milliner. His designs cater to the woman who has a strong sense of individual style. His use of exciting shapes, colors, fabrics, and materials make Tim’s hats, “all the rage.” These designs can be worn during the day or evening for formal or casual settings.

Tim’s received numerous awards, including, Best Milliner in the Philadelphia Area and Best Youth Designer. He continues to exhibit the promising signs of a long and successful career as an extremely talented designer. In addition to designing his own line of hats, Tim has instructed the Advanced Millinery Design classes at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia.

We are thankful to have Tim Crawford here at American Hats LLC!

Sonesamouth Sanith

Sonesamouth began her long and productive career as a Milliner for S&S Hats over 15 years ago. She has an eye for the cutting edge designs that spark an interest in all who view her work. She is innovative, seeking to use fabric, feathers, ribbon, and other materials in ways rarely thought possible. Her trim is always precise and creative, leaving those who watch her work in awe. Sonesamouth’s designs are daring and stand out in the crowd. She attributes much of her creativity to her direct work with historic designers such as Bob Anderson.

We are thankful to have Sonesamouth here at American Hats LLC!