The People

Our company could not exist without the hard work of our team members. We employ individuals with very specialized skills, and through their efforts, we’re able to offer you an outstanding product. These are just a few examples of the talented individuals working here at American Hats LLC.

Quang Nguyen
Master Sewer

Quang is our Master Sewer with magic fingers. Quang has been at S&S Hats for over 20 years. She came to S&S after a successful career as a professional seamstress, making elaborate wedding dresses and fine apparel. Quang makes a sewing machine hum, and moves with lighting speed producing a multitude of hats in minutes. She has the ability to pull a hat apart and put it back together again like it were brand new without any information about the hat. She does this often, because we receive hats from individuals who come to us in search of repairs every week. Thus, we get a large portion of our repair business from many customers buying from China, who can’t send their hats back to have them repaired. Quang is the backbone of American Hats LLC, sharing her vast knowledge to ensure that we are one of the best in the business. 

Lord Klot
Master Trim Designer/Milliner

Lord  was with S&S for 30 years. Lord constructs the ribbon for making hats with great precision.  She constructs, and creates the trim that finishes our hats. Her creation and styling always turns heads.  Lord worked with many of the best hat designers in the nation and continues to make fabulous designs. Lord is definitely a reason why our designs are phenomenal. 

Robert Redle
Master Blocker

The shape says it all in creating an outstanding hat. Bob as he is affectionately known, blocks our hats masterfully. He works very closely with our designers to come up with new and unique shapes and styles. Bob has been with S&S for more than 30 years and continues the tradition of “blocking,” an absolutely necessary part of hat making.

Nick Vegas
Master Milliner

Nick is our irreplaceable “Honey Do!” Besides being a Master Blocker, Nick has been with S&S for over 30 years and can fix anything that moves in the factory. We are able to retain our historical equipment because, simply put, “Nick can fix it!” He holds the history of this factory and knows the blocks and shapes just like he knows his own name. Nick, who makes blocking look like a simple task, can also create a hat from beginning to end.