Shipping & Returns Policy


American Hats LLC will make every available effort to ensure that we ship to our customers in a timely fashion. Typically, once an order has been placed it takes 3 weeks to create and ship the end product. Some orders do not require a 3 weeks processing time, you may find that your particular order is processed and shipped the same day. However, you should plan on adding 3 weeks for order processing to any expected delivery time. You will be notified once your order has been completed and shipped. In the event your order cannot be fulfilled, or if more time is required to process and ship your order, you will be notified as soon as possible.

All shipping is done through UPS using commercial ground shipping. We have chosen this method based on the quickness, and reliability of delivery. This method tends to result in 1-2 days of transit if you are located as far as Tenn., ILL., or Ala. Further west of Tenn., ILL, and Ala. typically requires transit times of 3-5 days. We have also begun using USPS. USPS shipping times are largely the same but may be slower by one day.

Our factory is located in Philadelphia, PA. Presently, we only ship from this location. In the event that you have ordered items that cannot be shipped together, we may ship the items separately. You must include a complete and valid physical street address in all orders placed with American Hats LLC. We DO NOT ship to P.O. Boxes.

We offer flat rate shipping service and all product orders. Our flat rate service is based on your location. Our factory is located in Philadelphia, therefore, areas closest to our factory will take less time to ship and will cost less. The closest areas are designated Zone 1, the furthest are Zones 5 & 6. Please note that Zone 6 is not eligible for our any free shipping promotions.

Flat rate prices

Zone                                    Shipping Cost

1                                                 $20

2                                                 $22

3                                                 $27

4                                                 $29

5                                                 $32

6                                                 $37

**As of 1/1/2022 shipping to all zones increased by $2. We reserve the right to increase this cost in the future but we will try our best to maintain consistency regarding our Shipping Costs.**


Currently, we do not provide international shipping on a large scale basis. We ask that individuals interested in buying hats from American Hats LLC contact us directly at ( to discuss shipping costs and arrangements. We plan to offer shipping to all international customers in the future. However, due to the expense of international shipping and the difficulty of providing a seamless customer experience (the complexity of returns, delivery, and fraud), we have chosen to hold off on large scale international shipping until we identify an efficient, trustworthy, and reasonably priced international shipper.


Please alert us immediately to all issues regarding shipping problems and damage to merchandise. All returns must be made within 7 days of delivery for full refund. Returns made after 7 but within 30 days are available for store credit ONLY! Items CANNOT BE RETURNED after 30 days. Items returned due to wrong size are eligible for exchange only. All products must be in their original condition to effectuate a valid return. In this case, “original condition,” means unworn with all original tags attached.

In the event you need to return a purchase, please first contact us at, and alert us as to the issue or need for the return. It is imperative that you include all of your information in the email so we can begin to process the return or exchange process as quickly as possible. After contacting us, cover the original shipping label with your return label and return it to us in the original box received. Please understand that you ship at your own risk. It is strongly recommended that you ship your package using a reputable shipper (i.e. UPS, FedEx, or USPS), and purchase tracking and insurance. We WILL NOT accept returns or exchanges for worn purchases, used purchases, or purchases which have been damaged or altered. This includes items that have been washed, professionally cleaned, professionally altered, or broken. The removal of the American Hats LLC label or any accompanying price tags meets the requirements of the hat being worn, and therefore, disqualifies you from receiving any relief under this return policy. We are not responsible for any item that we did not receive or that is not returned in accordance with the terms of this return policy. We WILL NOT process returns or exchanges for merchandise purchased from other vendors. If you did not purchase your hat directly from, we will not accept a return or exchange.

If a return is made within 30 days, and upon inspection of the product it is revealed that an error was made on our part, a credit for full refund will be processed on the credit card used for the original purchase. This “full refund” credit will include the initial shipping costs. Please allow 14 days after receipt for processing your refund. We do not control the rate at which a credit will post to your account. Please allow an appropriate amount of time for your refund to post both to your account and to your billing statement.

This return and refund policy applies to retail purchases only. Retail purchases that are not “stock purchases” (pre-made, often pictured on our website), are “custom made” hats (made per order), and are not eligible for a refund but are available for store credit. Wholesale customers will only receive an exchange for purchases. Absolutely NO refunds will be given to Wholesale customers!

American Hats LLC reserves the right to alter, edit, or amend it’s “shipping and return” policy at anytime, for any reason, to be applicable retroactively, to all purchases.